Star Wars: Battlefront to be playable one week earlier on Xbox One!

There’s some pretty cools news for Star Wars: Battlefront and Xbox One owners! You can play a week early if you have EA Access.

EA’s Star Wars Battlefront Gameplay Trailer

So technically Xbox One owners with EA Access will be able to play Star Wars: Battlefront a week early. However, it isn’t all rays of sunshine on that front (in my limited understanding). From what I gather, EA Access users will get to play the game for about six hours total the week before it comes out. That’s a pretty substantial amount of time, but time adds up fast. Also, Xbox One allows games to run in the background, so if you should minimize the game and watch The Clone Wars on Netflix, you could eat up your time while you’re not even playing the game (so make sure you really quit the game when you’re done if you go this route).

If you have an Xbox One and you love EA games, it does make sense for you to subscribe to this service and get all their free games and downloads. As a Star Wars gamer, I’m going to wait until closer to the release of Battlefront. However, it only cost about $4.99 a month so it isn’t really a huge investment to be able to play Battlefront a week early. It does not appear it will get you the Battle of Jakku content any earlier though.

I personally won’t be playing Battlefront exclusively on one system right now. I have homies on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. So in reality, I will likely be playing on every platform. The coolest part? I’ll get to play on Xbox One a week early if everything pans out as it seems.

You can see what games you get with EA Access here. 


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