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Star Wars: The Force Awakens and how Tasu Leech and the Kanjiklub gang may tie in!


Tasu Leech and the Kanjiklub gang were recently revealed to be included with the new LEGO Falcon set hitting this September. It does appear that Tasu is being played by Yayan Ruhian from The Raid. So how does this character and this gang connect to the Falcon? Here is what we know about the situation and the tiny tidbits we have learned since last covering some of this. A lot of this we have covered before so bear with us.

We first meet Rey jumping around a crashed Star Destroyer, taking valuables from the wreck. She unloads the valuables to a junk dealer for some credits. She watches a family depart the station, feeling very alone. Rey races home on her speeder against the setting sun of Jakku. She arrives at her AT-AT-turned-home. She’s lonely. She makes dinner. While eating she hears a noise. She climbs up a ridge and sees BB-8 being hassled by scavengers. Rey scares them off. BB-8 shuts down during the encounter with the hassler and Rey wakes him up. She tries to send BB-8 away but he is immediately attached to her like a little puppy.

Sometime later (possibly the next day) we cut to Rey and BB-8 entering the station. Rey is hassled by the junk dealer she sold stuff to earlier. The dealer wants BB-8 and she refuses, keeping BB-8 for herself (we first heard she was there to sell BB-8 but that is not the case).

Finn staggers into the Jakku Station after his TIE crash. He sees Rey with BB-8, the droid he was looking for before he defected from the First Order. Rey doesn’t immediately trust Finn but somehow he wins her over. Stormtroopers appear and the two run through tents, zigging and zagging along with BB-8, evading the Stormtroopers in pursuit.

Finn admits he cannot fly a ship. Rey asks BB-8 if he can detect a ship for them and the pair follows the droid. They run out of a tent and a TIE fighter blasts the ground in front of them, knocking Finn down. Rey helps him up. They run to an area with some ships. They pass the Falcon for a more hospitable ship. The ship is terrible, they head back to the Falcon.

The enter the Falcon. Finn asks if she’s ever flown this thing before. She starts the Falcon up. Finn gets into the gunner turret but is surprised when the turret moves on its own. Rey convinces herself she can do this, answering the question if she’s ever flown the ship before. The engines on the Falcon light up. Finn is still asking if she or the Falcon can fly!? Kira pulls back on the controls and the ship casts off!

The junk dealer follows behind! He’s attacking the Falcon. Rey asks if he has a rebuttal to the attack. He’s trying but the gunner seat is jerking around and behaving erratically on its own! He tells Rey to keep low and she says she’s trying but it ain’t easy without a co-pilot (foreshadowing)! The Falcon reaches a good momentum but more TIE fighters appear.

The First Order chases the Falcon into the Star Destroyer graveyard. Finn is still struggling with his seat. The gun gets lined up and he fires, taking out a TIE. Finn nervously congratulates himself on his minor victory. Meanwhile the ship is flying through all kinds of downed Star Destroyers from the Battle of Jakku. Alarms blare, and Finn’s seat is still acting up.

We cut back to the TIE Finn shot down. Scavengers descend on the TIE and begin tearing pieces of the crashed fighter apart!

Finn’s gun jams and he can’t help. Rey is thinking hard about what she can do. They head inside another Star Destroyer. She tells everyone to hold on. Rey is scaring herself. She does a loop inside the Star Destroyer, and most of the TIEs are destroyed trying to chase her through her crazy maneuver. Only one TIE remains and Finn, getting control of the malfunctioning gunner seat, finishes it off!

We then see the junk dealer Rey dealt with earlier in the sequence making a call. He’s turning them in.

The Falcon enters space, racing along at great speed. A gigantic freighter swallows it up. That call the junk dealer made had consequences. Moments later they are meeting Han Solo who wants to know where the Falcon has been and their troubles are only beginning.

Judging by the LEGO box, it looks like Tasu Leech and the Kanjiklub gang are the junk dealer and the minions involved. They are connected to the gang on the gigantic freighter and it explains why the freighter picks up the Falcon. There is a chance Tasu Leech and the Kanjiklub gang are only involved in the freighter sequences but right now I’m betting against that. The junk dealer does seem to be of some importance on Jakku and Tasu could very well be that character. Either way, they are affiliated with one another, hence the call that is made to alert them of the stolen vessel and it being detained shortly afterward.


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