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Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Vive la Résistance Jackets!

Today my friend Viral at Star Wars 7 News released a really cool picture of Ken Leung in his Star Wars: The Force Awakens costume. I have seen a lot of costumes from the film over the last year, especially during filming. You’ll notice the jacket below has the same low cut front as Leung’s jacket does and also the same seams on the front. Here you can also see the Resistance Starbird symbol that goes with the left arm of most of these costumes.



Here is the pic released today:


The front flap cuts in the same way. I am not entirely sure if the colors of these costumes are entirely different or if it is just the lighting and color correction in the photos (the jacket photo looks more brown to me and the Ken Leung photo looks a bit more green). Similarly, in some photos Poe’s flight suit looks red or orange.

The ranking symbol on the left side was used on other costumes. So looking at it, clearly Leung plays a high ranking officer, but I’m not sure how high (he does look rather distinguished with the grey hair on the sides of his head). Besides Ken Leung, I know actor Frank Stone wore this costume as well:

Frank Stone: Casual. No Resistance.


Maybe Ken Leung and Frank Stone’s characters wear cool jackets and smoke some resistance pipes all day? Either way, hopefully this helps a future Resistance cosplayer nail this look.

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