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Star Wars: The Force Awakens New Planet Name Revealed?

The good folks over at MintInBox revealed what seems to be a list of Star Wars Lego sets coming in 2016, including sets based on Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

The site is in French but the relevant portion is as follows:

– 6 nouveaux sets Microfighters dont 2 sets The Force Awakens et 4 de Star Wars Rebels (AT-DP, The Ghost, TIE Advanced Prototype et Wookie Gunship)
– 2 sets The Force Awakens “Battle on Takodana” et “The Pirate Transport”.
– 2 sets Battle Pack The Force Awakens un “Hero” et un “Villain”.
– 2 sets Battle Pack Star Wars Battlefront inspiré du jeux vidéo, un Empire et un Rebel.
– 6 nouvelles Constraction figures
– 4 sets de la trilogie et de la prélogie (Hoth Attack, Bespin Carbon Freezing Chamber, Droid Escape Pod, ROTS Obi Wans Jedi Interceptor)

My trusty protocol droid, G00gl3 7ranslat3 (see what I did there?) tells me that the second bullet states “2 sets The Force Awakens “Battle on Takodana” and “The Pirate Transport.”

Could Takodana be a new planet in The Force Awakens?  Could this be the planet where Maz Kanata is located as Jason outlined in reports earlier this week?

Hopefully we will learn more as more product information comes out and we rush towards Force Friday on September 4th.  Thanks to MintInBox for the information and to our friends over at Yakface.  More as it develops!


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