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The war rooms of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Wars: Rogue One!


Rogue One

Last week there was a lot of work going on at Shed 2 in Cardington. (I had to skip over this for a bit while my computer was repaired.) Over the last two weeks I have heard about another set using materials from The Force Awakens.  Clearly, from the look of the architecture, it is pretty close to the Yavin IV temple set from A New Hope: 

Rogue One Temple 1 Rogue One Temple 2 Rogue One Temple 3

Star Wars 7 News also notes that the scene from A New Hope showing the Yavin temple exterior was shot at Cardington–that’s important to note.

The return of the temple might explain why there were so many rumors of filming in Mexico and Guatemala (where Tik’al is located where exteriors for the temple were shot for A New Hope). Star Wars Underworld posted these two photos from A New Hope:

YAVIN1Yavin 2

My contribution:

Over the last couple of weeks we have heard about a Rogue One set that interfaces well with these Cardington photos. The Map Room from The Force Awakens is being redressed for Rogue One. The electric panels are rearranged and different than the ones used in The Force Awakens. They look dirtier and more “lived in” than they do in The Force Awakens. The glass panels are not there on all of them. One source thought they were new panels whereas another said they were just aged up, for what it’s worth. The set is said to capture the look and feel of A New Hope’s war room, but it does not appear to be the same one from A New Hope (at this point but I can’t confirm that either way though). The set is darker than what we saw in A New Hope but since they haven’t shot anything on it I’m not sure what that means for Rogue One. 

The question still stands if Yavin is actually in The Force Awakens or if the planet is just similar and the general look is inspired by A New Hope. I did see a picture from an upcoming story set during The Force Awakens era that shows the room as having stone walls, vines crawling up the walls, strange and very large bonsai-type trees in the room itself. The ceiling is almost like lit square tiles or large grating with light behind it. The glass panels in The Force Awakens show First Order and Resistance symbols to locate where things are occurring during the fight. It makes sense to me these would be different in another film as in The Force Awakens they are set up to depict the movement of a battle. The question I have pertains to  these two war rooms being in the same story location or not? Are they one and the same or just being arranged to depict being two different locations?

Things are in full swing on Rogue One right now and we’re starting to hear cool things about what is coming!


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