Tune in to Fandango on Periscope with Jason and Randy tonight, 6:30 PST!

Excited about the Lucasfilm panel today at SDCC? Why not tune in immediately afterward to catch Jason and Randy discussing everything they just saw live on Periscope at 6:30 pm PST with Fandango?!

Periscope is a live streaming video app from Twitter. It’s available now, for free, in the iOS app store and on Google Play for Android. You can also watch (but not comment) from a web page.

Download Periscope and then follow Fandango to get an alert when they go live. You can also follow @Fandango on Twitter to get a link to watch on your computer. Don’t forget to add Randy (@CursingUser) and Jason (@MakingStarWars) on Twitter for live tweets during the panel as well!



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