The Force Awakens

3 X-wing Squadrons Confirmed for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


This isn’t exactly huge news, it is fun news nonetheless. For the last year we had heard about a Red and a Blue squadron of pilots. In the last month we learned of the Black Squadron. Since then, Hasbro press materials have confirmed “Black Squadron.” We now have both “Blue Squadron” and “Red Squadron” confirmed via this X-wing card game showing a “Red Squadron Veteran” and “Blue Squadron Novice” below:

Are there more squadrons in the film? I’m not sure. Red, Blue, and Black are the only ones we have heard for sure at this point though. Blue Squadron was also confirmed via the Jessika Pava sneak peek, first dropped in our older scoop. Fun stuff for X-wing lovers, not so much fun for the First Order TIE pilots.

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