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A photo of Luke Skywalker from Star Wars: The Force Awakens has leaked online!

EDIT: The picture is now offline.

And you won’t see it here. I’m not touching that shit with a ten foot pole. Okay, maybe not a ten foot pole but this Web site will do. Star Wars 7 News will post it so check it out there!

If you go over there you will see Luke Skywalker. He looks majestic. He looks great and as fantastic as we all hoped he would look! If you’re a spoiler person, check it out. But if not, don’t as you will ruin a huge payoff in the movie for yourself. The costume reminds of the end of the Marvel series from the 1980s in a way.



This may line up with rumors that when the droids solve the “puzzle” there is a rumored projection of Luke. I can’t verify that, but it rings a bell with this photo in mind. That said, it never really added up for me.

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