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A rumor that Star Wars: Episode VIII is looking for young female to cast.

Star Wars: Episode VIII has a new rumor involving a new young woman to be cast in the film. It might be a bit early for this kind of news to be hitting in this way and until we have some casting evidence it is hard to jump right in and accept as highly possible just yet. It seems like a role being described here would require a huge casting call in which they see thousands in the end. writes:

Lucasfilm is looking to cast a “strong, young female character” who will serve as one of the main leads for Johnson’s film. This character is so important that the director is even heavily involved in the process, though at this time there are no frontrunners for the mystery role.

If this information is accurate and there is some truth to it all, we could probably guess that Rian Johnson would be involved in the casting of his important new characters. Unlike the last casting round, they don’t have to build everything up from scratch as John Boyega, Daisy Ridley, and Oscar Isaac are all returning for Star Wars: Episode VIII. 

They go on to talk about the possibility that the young woman is actually Han Solo’s daughter. Both Rey and Finn have had their last names hidden from marketing and the audience to preserve the mystery around their identities. Revealing such a character as Han’s daughter would be an interesting move especially if hiding Rey and Finn’s full names is to keep us thinking they’re related to the big four (Luke, Lando, Leia, and Han) in some way, when in fact they are not.

With all the new characters apparently not related to the big four, such a story structure could prove interesting. That said, it seems a little early to get rumors about this kind of stuff from VIII. 

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