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A Star Wars Story or a Star Wars Anthology?

Today at D23 we saw this logo:



Notice anything weird? Yeah, it says “A Star Wars Story” instead of “Anthology.” Looking at a few past events since Star Wars Celebration, where “Anthology” was first used, Disney itself never used the term. It is my guess they weren’t that crazy about the moniker.

Today I talked to a few people about the change in the know and was told “A Star Wars Story” is the likely subtitle that will be used to present the film and inform consumers that it is a stand-alone spin-off film. However, “Anthology” isn’t dead yet but is likely to be used in the future to keep the Blu-ray and digital releases together on store shelves and in listings.

This may change and one moniker may be used exclusively but today that’s the case. I prefer “Anthology” but it doesn’t inform the general public this is an off-shoot film like “A Star Wars Story” does.




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