Entire Cover Girl Star Wars: The Force Awakens Make-Up Collection

Today Lucasfilm revealed some of the brand partnerships being used to promote Star Wars: The Force Awakens. One partnership that we reported on a while back is with popular makeup brand Cover Girl.

Today Allure Magazine has an exclusive look at the entire collection. Here are the images and then I’ll share my thoughts on the collection below.

From what I’ve seen so far on Twitter, fan reaction to this collection is not exactly positive. I tend to agree. When we initially saw images of this line back in June there was reason to believe it would be an interesting look at the film’s characters, based on the mock-ups of different looks based on character types. It seems now that this makeup collection actually has very little to do with the characters in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

The lipstick has the widest selection of colors, but let us be honest for a moment and state that not all these colors are realistically wearable. Unique lip colors are in right now, that’s a fact. Many women right now are pulling off deep blacks, bright oranges, and playful purple lip shades. Having said that, I think the Cover Girl lipstick is taking the fad a little to the extreme. I would love to see someone wear that shimmery gold lip color and not look ill. Aside from that, there are some promising offers from the lip colors.

The biggest complaint I’ve seen so far from the collection is the lack of nail polish colors. Not all women wear makeup, but most like to dabble in nail color, and the fact the the Star Wars line only has three colors is very disappointing.

It is also unfortunate that 10 mascaras are offered. They seem to be the the same exact mascara but with different quotes from the film on them. We saw these back in June and I guess I assumed that there would be some variation among them, but it doesn’t appear so. Even worse is that the packaging doesn’t show you the unique quote on the tube so fans are likely going to have to purchase many many mascaras to get all 10 quotes.

I’m still trying to reach Cover Girl to possibly review these early, but I’m sure I will still buy most of it as soon as it becomes available in stores. Have an opinion on the collection? Leave us a comment below!

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