Episode 89! MakingStarWars.net’s Now, This Is Podcasting!

Dun, dun, dun! Now, This Is Podcasting! is here with an all new episode for your ears.

On This Week’s Show:

  • Netflix Possibly Bringing Original Star Wars Content to Television
  • The CEO of Disney Gives His Impressions of Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  • Just How Many CGI Shots are in TFA?
  • Ken Leung in The Force Awakens
  • Possible Planet Reveal via LEGO
  • Jessica Henwick Sorta Confirms her role in Episode VII
  • Rogue One Set Images
  • Felicity Jones’ possible role in Rogue One
  • Gaming News
  • Comic Discussion: Star Wars #7
  • Spoiler Section (regarding the 2nd act of TFA)
  • Pod People

If you have questions or comments for the show, email them to MSWPodPeople@gmail.com!

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