Exclusive PS4 Star Wars Infinity Bundle with etched Darth Vader case coming to Walmart!

Star Wars Battlefront will have some kind of “gift with purchase” at launch they’re calling a “unique trading disk.”

The bigger news is that there is going to be an exclusive Walmart PS4 Star Wars Infinity bundle with an etched Darth Vader case. Is this a PS4 with Darth Vader etched on the case? We know there is a PS4 exclusive Infinity bundle coming that includes Boba Fett. The “etched Vader case” could mean special packaging for the Infinity bundle or it could mean a Darth Vader PS4 with the Star Wars Infinity bundle included?

Walmart Infinity Bundle

It seems unlikely there would be such a rad exclusive as this was not shown at E3 Expo but I’m hoping there’s a Darth Vader PS4 coming. That would be awesome. It is probably best to assume that is not the case, but if it is, I will buy one.


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