Here’s what happens when you search for Women’s Star Wars products at

On this week’s episode of “Rebel Grrrl” podcast, Tracy and I had a lengthy discussion about the state of Star Wars fashion readily available to female fans. (Mainly that it sucks.) Yes, there’s stuff out there, but not everyone can shop online, or afford the sometimes exorbitant prices wanted (i.e. BlackMilk).

One of our friends and listeners, inspired by the podcast, decided to search the website for massive retailer Target and sent me his findings:

I decided to see what you got when you clicked the “women’s clothing (2)” and here’s what I found:


You can see some relevant areas that I highlighted, poorly. I have to assume at this point I’m being punked. On the podcast I mentioned how in my teens I had to shop in the boys department at Target to find Star Wars clothing for myself. I’d have hoped things would be different so many years later. In case you were wondering the other two results out of the seven are socks and another men’s t-shirt.

Things get even worse if you search “Women’s Star Wars” on the site where the results returned are the same men’s selections plus form-fitting Halloween Costumes.

Force Friday please don’t let me down.

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