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I was talking with a friend today and this friend told me a lot about the new Hasbro line, including prices. This might help with some of the items still in question. A good thing to note when possible: if the package doesn’t say The Force Awakens on it, it isn’t from The Force Awakens. The downside is there are a few details my friend missed and I can’t tell if a few items are from The Force Awakens (sorry spoiler-hounds!).

Action Figures

Most of these have been seen a lot by now. But we got Rey (Jakku), Finn (Jakku), Kylo Ren, Poe Dameron, Captain Phasma, X-wing Pilot Asty, First Order General Hux, Pz-4co, Goss Toowers, and Sarco Plank on the way too.

X-wings and TIEs

The black X-wing fighter ($49.99) will come with an exclusive Poe Dameron figure for leading Black Squadron. The X-wing will have wings that go up and down and it will shoot a projectile. Black Squadron will also feature a new pilot named Atsy who will be sold separately.  Likewise the First Order TIE fighter ($39.99) will come packed with a First Order TIE fighter pilot.

The Falcon

The Battle Action Millennium Falcon ($119.99) coming to the Star Wars 3.75 inch figure line is going to come with exclusive Chewbacca, Finn, and BB-8 figures. That’s pretty cool for added value to the space ship. This isn’t the giant one released a few years, but supposedly a newer one with a lot of added features and three figures.

The new Falcon has a pop-up gun that also fires Nerf darts. The classic turret is still there and the LED laser cannons add a sense of the ship firing upon TIEs and other First Order foes.

The sound effects included with the new Falcon feature laser sounds and hyperdrive sound effects. Classic playset components of the chessboard and the smuggling compartments are also included.


The speeder bike ($24.95) featuring Poe Dameron is particularly interesting. It may answer some questions spoiler-aholics have been wondering about for the last few months. Poe Dameron rides on a silver and blue speeder bike, wearing his brown jacket, but also wearing an X-wing pilot helmet. This figure may just be a toy created for the fun of it or it could depict a sequence from the film.

Snowspeeder & Snowtrooper Officer, Elite Speeder Bike & Stormtrooper along with Desert Landspeeder & Finn. Note: Finn is dusty, wearing his black stormtrooper leotard without armor and his speeder was discussed here on this site via leaked Mainstreet Blueprints. This speeder is also a Micro Machine with the Stormtrooper lander and Rey’s speeder packaged opposite the Desert Invasion set featuring the Luggabeast, Kylo’s ship, and Poe’s white and blue X-wing.


Kylo Ren’s electronic lightsaber will cost $29.95. The weapon will also have connectors for the Bladebuilders. The role-play masks will cost $9.99 and include Kylo Ren and a First Order stormtrooper. However, there will be an electronic Chewbacca ($29.99), Kylo Ren ($34.99), and Darth Vader ($39.99) masks offered as well.

Nerf First Order Stormtrooper Blaster ($12.99) will fire 65 feet. Chewbacca’s Bowcaster ($24.99) will come with a removable scope and fire Nerf projectiles as a real crossbow would.

Remote Control

Remote Control BB-8 ($59.99) is here! The little droid from The Force Awakens is being sold as an RC toy. He will roll in any direction and his head will always face the right way just like the one in the film.

Other Details

The Star Wars Risk game will come with blue B-wings, red X-wings, yellow Y-wings and a lot of white TIE Fighters. The map is circular with the Death Star in the middle.

Star Wars Monopoly board is also circular in nature. Some landing areas include Coruscant (the blue spaces), Hoth (the white spaces), Endor (the green spaces), Geonosis (the fuchsia spaces), Dagobah (the orange spaces), Tatooine (the red spaces), and Kahyyyk (the brown spaces). You will have to pay Trade Federation taxes and land on Hyperdrive spaces. Cards will be drawn on Falcon spaces or Star Destroyer spaces. The Finn figure wears his Jakku jacket, Luke is in his Return of the Jedi costume, and Darth Vader and Kylo are predictably in black.


First Order Star Destroyer playset comes with Finn (Jakku) and Kylo Ren micro-figures. It also comes with a TIE fighter (Battle Damaged) and Poe Dameron’s black X-wing fighter.

The Millennium Falcon playset comes with a Flametrooper micro-figure and the Falcon itself.


Well that’s it for my notes. There were other things like Furbies and stuff but it didn’t really interest me very much. More soon!




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