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Skellig Michael for Star Wars: Episode VIII again? Seems likely…


The Irish Times is “confirming” that Skellig Michael will be included in Star Wars: Episode VIII filming. Mr Deenihan’s quote is below:

Skellig VIII

We recently heard this was going to be the case by Movie Bit. Which we took as additional confirmation of our older story where we heard this was going to occur at this time as well:

 Shooting at Skellig Michael for Star Wars: Episode VIII appears to be slated for this October.

We also heard it would be bigger than previous filming:

For Star Wars: Episode VII about 60 people were involved in the shoot but the location is bracing for a larger return for Star Wars: Episode VIII. For the The Force Awakens it was about getting a perfect shot, right weather, and setting the tone for the ending of the film. It appears as if they are actually going to film scenes there for VIII and the time frame we keep hearing is longer than it was for VII. 

It feels like this is happening unless the story for Star Wars: Episode VIII changes or something. At this point, I’d bet the basics are pretty ironed out for the post part as drafts have been turned in (we think this because Rian Johnson writes in Moleskine notebooks but was writing digitally which means we presumptuously assumed he was digitizing his script to “turn it in”).

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