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Small pic of Rey and Chewbacca from Star Wars: The Force Awakens on a notebook!


Our friends Owen and Don from Twitter sends us these tweets today with a photo of Rey and Chewbacca piloting the Falcon. The notebook was found in a store:


If you’ve followed spoilers in the past, you know that we believe there is only one sequence in the film where Rey and Chewbacca do so and it is rather pivotal, so don’t read the report if you want to remain mostly spoiler-free (or just dabble in them). What I found interesting as well was that we saw these two in the cockpit together in a behind the scenes photo and it looked like Daisy Ridley might have been in a different outfit (it was debatable), but it must have just been a sweater to stay warm on set between takes. I imagine they kept the set as cold as possible for Mayhew in the Wookiee costume? Or is the picture as they fly away from the conflict? Either way, they don’t look happy on that notebook.

Rey Chewbacca Falcon

I kind of think the notebook is from the flight away from the First Order planet’s conflict and the behind the scenes pic is from the last time we see Chewbacca in the film (just a guess) as Rey goes on to end her journey in this film.

Now I need to get that notebook!

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