Star Wars Card Trader Weekly Round-Up #3 – Recap, Tips & Strategies

Welcome to’s weekly Star Wars Card Trader Round-Up #3 for the week of July 27th through August 2nd! As usual, we have some news, information, summary of our week pulling and trading, and also some tips to get the most out of the game as we see it. Who are we? We are:

Mark Seyb
@Griddlemarks on Twitter

Andrew Borden
@LAKingsDru on Twitter

Ron Solo
@CPThrio on Twitter

First off, Star Wars Card Trader is an app for iPhone and Android that brings Star Wars card trading and collecting into the digital era. This is a free app, with free credits that you can use to purchase packs. You can also choose to purchase additional credits though you are not required to do so.


NEWS – 8/2/2015

This week was the start of week 21 for a lot of the Marathon Chases, notably Vintage, Widevision and Topps Choice. Vintage started with a Lando in Disguise and sold out incredibly fast. The Award Card was Han Solo in Carbonite fans responded favorably to the rewards of their chase. The Widevision Award Card received a little more criticism. Many vocal fans were not pleased at the choice of Vader’s scarred head for the Award Card and had hoped for something a little more substantial after chasing such a difficult set. Topps Choice awarded and inserted some animated Jedi this week. Plo Koon was the insert for Week 21 and Quinlan Vos was the reward. While some people are critical of the animated characters being used as an award, we think its quite a wonderful Award Card. There are Marathons for every fan. Vintages caters to the Classic Trilogy, Widevision to both trilogies, and Topps Choice to the fans of the animated series. We feel this is a great way to appeal to all the different Star Wars fans and hope it continues.

The first series of Reflections wrapped up with an amazing card of Boba Fett and Han Solo; Probably our favorite card released this week. To receive the Vader and Luke Award Card, all 6 cards must be collected by Thursday, August 6th at 3PM Eastern.

Classic Art Cards resumed this weekend and there are only a few more cards coming before Series 1 comes to a close. This weekend, it was Classic Art Probot. The final card count for Probot was 4,612 which is certainly an uptick in people going after this card. Unfortunately, as nice as the Probot card is, it feels like this set is limping to the end.

Topps released four new series this week. Prism, Posters of Rebellion, Icons and Mechanical Evolution. The runaway hit seems to be Prism. There are very little variants and very little amount of cards across those variants. It sells out extremely fast, faster than Badges of War, and the after market demand is fairly substantial. Posters of Rebellion has a fairly large run of cards across multiple variants. It focuses on “propaganda” style posters in the Star Wars Rebels era and seems to please many fans. While Mechanical Evolution is a nice set that is focused on the ships of Star Wars, may fans are turned off by the odds of pulling even the easiest card. And lastly, Icons is an art set of various characters in the Star Wars universe with parallels of different colors.



Mark (Griddlemarks)

My week was fairly uneventful for the most part and certainly frustrating dropping a ton of credits to try and get the Week 21 Topps Choice but failing miserably. The highlight of my week was Reflections though. Whether it was designed this way or not, the card needed to unlock the R2-D2 Leia Reflections was the same card as the Spectrum Leia chase. Basically, you spend 500 credits to get a Leia Spectrum. Once that happens, a special Spectrum Pack opens with 6 different Leia cards. I got two Leia Spectrums and each time I was awarded a Gold Leia in the pack which would then open the Reflection pack with a guaranteed Reflection Card. I gave one to Andrew. Getting two Leia Reflections cost me about 30k in credits. I also went after the Boba Fett Reflections by opening the 77 packs which gives you the most cards with the best odds for pulling a yellow. First pack, first card was a Yellow Boba Fett which opened the Yellow Reflections Pack. Two packs in, I pulled the Boba Fett. With some other good trades, I was able to complete the set, and look forward to receiving the Award Card.

Andrew (DarthDru80)

My week was an eventful one.  Started off Sunday with the last of wave 2 topps choice card.  This was a hard pull for me. Spent most of my credits. Was able to pull 2 of w1-le droid.  Mark chase’s TC as well so we were able to work out a trade that benefited us both. Had the usual storyboard, comics pulls throughout the week.  Then the blood bath known as Vintage Thursday came up.  I had saved up a vast amount of credits for this day.  When I joined this game, It was in week 1 of vintage and one of my first cards I pulled was  a vintage Fett.  But being a new player, I had no idea what I had and am sure I traded it for some cheap inserts that I thought were cool at the time.  Once the 1 hour wait time for the card to drop into the Fett packs was up, I was off and spending.  Spent about 70k in credits before that glorious sound and confetti filling up the background.  I landed Lando.  I was thrilled.  I have 15k left over and during the process pulled a red Fett needed to unlock the Reflections pack. 10k later I pulled my favorite card to date.  I was stoked.  Week made.  Luck runs up and down in this app, but weeks like last week are the ones you remember.

Ron (CPThrio)

I had a great week.  You might remember that last week I enjoyed the freedom of having very few inserts to chase.  That carried into the early part of this past week.  Then when the Spectrum Leia/Reflections R2 opportunity that Mark mentioned above presented itself, I had plenty of credits to give it a try.  Chasing the connection was exciting and I was able to pull a yellow Leia which gave me 1:25 odds for the Reflections R2 which I pulled after just a couple of packs.  It was a great thrill.  That kick-started a pretty successful week which included consistent pulls of Storyboards, Space Paintings, the Topps Choice Plo-Koon, the Posters of Rebellion, two Prims and the Reflections Boba/Han in Carbonite.  I even had a successful week in trading where I managed to parlay the Reflections R2 into a complete set of Space Paintings wave 1, including the awesome award card.  I was amazed at this trade and thrilled at being able to get a set I really regretted passing on.  Now I find myself in a situation where I’m back to chasing multiple sets.  My primary focus is Storyboards, Space Paintings and Prism.



This weeks tip is about marathons.  Hard to chase, low card counts, even higher odds. But some of the best designed cards and overall sets in the game.  Vintage, Topps choice, Galactic Moments, Connections, and Wide-Vision are the main marathon sets that are in the game.  With Vintage being aimed at the Original Trilogy these cards are amazing in design and the character selection is always top notch.  The crown jewel of this set in Han solo in the Falcon.  Prices for this on eBay are through the roof.  This was the first card in the set and is still in high demand today.  Marathons are broken down into three different waves. With each wave having a total of 10 cards.  After each wave is finished, you have a week to acquire all necessary cards needed to complete your wave set.  If you do, you are given an award card. With completion of a full 30 card set, Topps is promising a special rare award card.  Tip: if you are determined to chase a certain 30 card marathon, start your trading now for backfill cards.  They will be the hardest to get. Week 1 will cost you some, but if it’s what you want to collect, then that’s all that matters. Hit the fan feeds, transmissions, or check your friends list and see if a pal can help you out.  Good luck and may the force be with you.


One of the most frustrating things about this app can be trying to keep track of all the cards out there.  The app does have a checklist, but sometimes it’s not that easy to review on your phone or tablet.  Fortunately, one amazing fan, Josh, has put together a really fantastic resource that serves as a sortable checklist of every card released.  His great spreadsheet can be found here.  I found this resource to be extremely helpful when I was seeking to catch up on the Space Paintings wave 1 and couldn’t easily find the cards I was missing.  Please sent Josh a tweet and thank him for this incredibly generous work.

Good luck pulling and trading and may the Force be with you all!




Ron is an editor and content contributor to He is one with the Force....the Force is with him.

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