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Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Paint it Black!



If you’ve followed the mysteries and the spoilers over the last six months or so, you know that we have always been upfront when we didn’t understand something. When something appeared to be a mystery, we presented it as such to the best of my (and our) ability. Lets discuss something murky.

Poe Dameron’s path in the film is obscured behind a murky haze. We know he is on Jakku and things go poorly. His silver X-wing with blue highlights is destroyed by the First Order. Poe is arrested. He’s later freed by Finn, a renegade stormtrooper, and they are shot down over Jakku where they crash. What happens to Finn is abstract and obscured by larger pieces of plot taking precedence over the “broad stokes,” which is all we mostly have. We know Finn changes his clothes and heads for  civilization. The last thing we knew concretely (for a spoiler) is that Poe and Finn are reunited after the good guys repel the First Order on Maz Kanata’s planet.

In my piece on what goes down at Kanata’s castle Part II it was stated:

  • The “Black TIE Fighter makes all the difference.” X-wing fighters turn up in support of the heroes, giving the First Order forces a run for their money.

Tonight a friend found a Star Wars: The Force Awakens book showing a TIE fighter (not the Special Ops TIE) that listed the TIE as being a part of “Black Squadron.” Another friend has seen merchandise for the Black X-wing that lists it as being a part of “Black Squadron,” which is lead by Poe Dameron according to said text. You can bet that left me scratching my head.

SPECULATION: A Potential Reading

It seems more likely than ever that “The Black TIE makes all the difference” refers to Poe Dameron stealing a TIE Fighter, perhaps off camera, and meeting up with his squadron at Maz’s place, where his squadron becomes Black Squadron. The X-wings being lead by Poe might call themselves Black Squadron to differentiate themselves as assisting the Black TIE since Poe is flying a stolen enemy ship. After the skirmish, Poe gets back to Resistance Bay, gets his new X-wing since his last one was destroyed on Jakku, paints it black and his team calls itself Black Squadron after said events. Maybe?

Or there was just a product error and we still know nothing. That’s for you to decide. The mystery deepens.

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