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Star Wars: The Force Awakens product found on store shelves! Classic planet returns?


I doubt most people would consider things found on store shelves to be too far into the spoiler field. However, some people have different opinions on that stuff, so do your best not to discuss this in public or on social media without using discretion. We don’t want to ruin anyone’s day.

Onto the business! This photo has hit today showing the new Star Wars: Battleship packaging which was found for sale on store shelves:



Yavin in Star Wars: A New Hope:

YavinEDIT: The Russian equivalent to had this photo a while ago which shows Jakku is pretty red from space:

Russian Jakku


Thanks to Andy for pointing that out!

We did entertain the idea that is Jakku on the box. However, if you look at the logo, it is very washed out compared to how it should look:

Kylo Packaging

That planet should look very red in our estimation (but I don’t pretend to be a photo analyst or anything; just my guess).

If you recall, there’s a new LEGO set coming out called Battle on Takodana. We assumed this would be the planet Kanata’s Castle must be on which we thought probably is like Yavin. Could it be the First Order snow planet instead? Or is that just Jakku and some strangely-lit photo is playing tricks on our eyes?

Either way, the design and is very cool on that box. I say we play both get this and play on Twitter!

A few other things were purchased today as well:


And this could be the Black Series Kylo Ren:

KyloRen Black Series

Thanks to David Simpson that “found the Kylo photo on instagram from a collector in the Philippines.”

Thanks to The Wolfpack for the heads up on the products and thanks to Jon for the heads up on Battleship!

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