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Star Wars Turns Force Friday Into a Global Event

For months now fans have eagerly anticipated the arrival of “Force Friday,” September 4th, when brand new collectibles from Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be released in retailers across the country. However, as excited as we all have been for “Star Wars Christmas” to come, the frustration regarding a complete lack of details on what collectibles would be available at which retailers has been just as notable.

This week in particular, fans have been befuddled by the lack of information for a sales event coming in less than 10 days. While we’ve known that retailers like Toys”R”Us, Walmart, and Target were participating, we’ve known little else.

It’s perhaps the mounting frustration that prompted the team at Lucasfilm to release the details of a worldwide unboxing event just a few hours ago when virtually half the country is sleeping. The timing is curious to be sure, but the details are intriguing.

Beginning next Wednesday, September 2nd at 2:30 PM PT, Lucasfilm will launch a series of unboxings around the world to reveal Star Wars: The Force Awakens collectibles. The first unboxing will take place in Sydney, Australia and culminate at Lucasfilm on Thursday, September 3rd at 8:00 AM PT. All the festivities can be seen on the Star Wars Youtube Channel.

What’s more, the unboxings will include “traditional toy unboxers such as the popular EvanTubeHD, channels featuring families such as Bratayley, lifehack specialists such as ExpCaseros, gamers such as AlexBy11, and Star Wars fans from around the world like Chris Pirillo who bring with them a broad audience and appeal.”

I’m going to guess that during or immediately after this event, the major retailers will have the opportunity to announce details of their Force Friday events, including information on exclusives.

With this news releasing, the various parties involved have taken to social media to voice their excitement:


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