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Two new Star Wars names trademarked for Star Wars: The Force Awakens? has discovered two new Star Wars names trademarked very recently. You can read the names after the logo below:


Both Mon Destra and Valara have been registered by Lucasfilm. StitchKingdom links the names to the now defunct Expanded Universe. These names could be–and probably are–for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. However, with Rogue One filming right now that should never be discounted either, assuming these names are even for a film. It can get even more complicated when we take into account the new Disneyland attractions taking off in late 2015 with the Star Wars Launch Bay exhibit and Star Tours‘ additional destinations.

Valara sounds feminine to me when used as a first name. Mon Destra sounds like a Mon Cal to me (the Admiral Ackbar dudes) or Mon Mothma (thanks Jim!).

Well, there we have it. Two new Star Wars names!

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