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Walmart Star Wars Event Guides: The Force Awakens, Battlefront, Blu-ray launch and more!

Wal-Mart stores are getting ready for the huge Star Wars push coming with “Force Friday” and beyond. This information is being passed onto employees of the chain store in the Midwest but we imagine it will likely be the same everywhere. Employees are being told:

  • We’re planning four major Star Wars events. May the Force be with you while you’re making this fun for our customers and driving sales!
  • The Retailtainment Event is Friday, September 4th at 12:01 am and Saturday September 5th at 10 am.
  • Star Wars: Battlefront weekend trading event is November 13th and 14th.
  • The Star Wars: Battlefront video game launches on November 17th with in-store “Game Play Event.”
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie releases into theaters December 18th and on DVD and Blu-ray this Spring!

It should be noted that we have seen a lot of rumblings of big things for The Force Awakens in April on various fronts (more on that soon). It would be our guess that the Blu-ray is going to hit at that point based on a second push for The Force Awakens materials at that time.

Employees at Walmart will be designating a “Star Wars Champion.” This person is going to review all the Star Wars information in the handouts and run the events. This week they have to assign their Star Wars champ. Hopefully we get to hear from some more of these champions.

Certain items going on sale on “Force Friday” will be available for layaway. “Force Friday” is requiring an employee trained in layaway procedures be there to assist customers with layaway items. However, the Walmart employees I’ve spoken to have all said that layaway won’t be open at that time so it is kind of irrelevant for the midnight event.

On September 3rd, the stores are removing all their old Star Wars merchandise. Late in the afternoon on the 3rd they are to start setting the store into Star Wars mode. There will be a young men’s t-shirt display and a boy’s display. Action figure set up will have a new Star Wars awning.

There will be a huge “pallet train” of Star Wars action figures set up in the store prior to midnight on the 3rd. An employee will guard the pallet to make sure nothing is sold before midnight. I’m told this really means they will probably wrap the pallet in plastic. Then it can be removed and people will place the items in their carts and wait for midnight to check out. This isn’t by design. But it happens on Black Friday every year but the register locks them out until 12:01. The official plan is for a guarded pallet in which everything is protected until 12:01.

The next day, there will be a station set up near the action figures to promote them to customers.

In the middle of November there is going to be some kind of Star Wars: Battlefront “Trading Event” demo near the Entertainment Department and then a few days later on the 17th, there will be a midnight “New Release” end-cap set up for midnight’s release of the new video game.

There we have it. A lot of things are going down at Walmart for Star Wars kicking off with “Force Friday.” It is exciting to be on the cusp of a new Star Wars era. In many ways, “Force Friday” kicks off the Star Wars: The Force Awakens era. It is interesting that they are noting the Blu-ray in this so early. Perhaps it is to let the assigned “champion” know there’s more to come on this front into 2016.

This is for all our Star Wars Champions out there:



Jedi News has heard the same info I was hearing on the Blu-ray release:


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