Are the original theatrical cuts of the Star Wars trilogy heading to Blu-ray?

The original theatrical cuts of the Star Wars Trilogy are coming to Blu-ray! Or at least that’s what people are saying… again… for the bajillionth time. Don’t get your hopes up too high if this makes you really happy. In other words, fly casual:

Is there a deal with Fox to release them? That’s the huge issue. For all we know Lucas said “I don’t care do whatever you want! I’m out!” I had heard a rumor that Lucas held some powers over releases as director and to change his cut of the films would require his permission as director with “final cut” authority. But even if that happened, Disney would still have to contend with Fox. So the real issue here is if a deal was made or not. Because Lucas (not an authority on Star Wars in 2015) told Landis (never an authority on Star Wars… ever) that this was happening. It kind of amounts to nothing but a hint at a possibility at this point.

I personally feel the 2011 cuts of the films are the superior versions for me. So if this happens or not, I’m okay. At the same time, I don’t think the changes are significant to the spirit of the films themselves and if you prefer another cut over the one I like, in essence, we are still watching the same story with a slightly different aesthetic quality to it.

I hope everyone gets to be happy and this is happening. I’m fine either way, but it would be cool if everyone could have their cake and eat it too. I am optimistic but we’d be wisest to be highly pessimistic about this.


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