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Cover Girl’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens Collection Video Review

Hey readers and fans of “Rebel Grrrl!” Since we are delaying this week’s episode to truly take in the spectacle that will be Force Friday, Tracy and I thought we’d bring you a very special video segment from MakingStarWars.net and “Rebel Grrrl!”

Below you’ll find Tracy’s video review of some samples we received from Cover Girl as well as our initial thoughts on the collection. The entire Star Wars: The Force Awakens collection from Cover Girl is available online on Friday, September 4th and will be rolling out into stores throughout September. Don’t forget to scroll down after the video for more thoughts!

Amanda’s initial thoughts

Nail polish

  • Packaging: A little disappointing at first look. It was just a sticker with the Star Wars logo on a regular bottle. Looks great now, but may not hold up over time.
  • Colors: Nemesis is a gorgeous deep burgundy that leans more toward black or brown than purple. Looks great in indoor lighting and direct sunlight.
  • Formula: This is the type of polish that takes a few very thin coats to get an even application. The formula was rather quick drying and lasted fairly long. As a buy mom of two young kids I don’t expect nail polish to hold up but this lasted quite a few days before any chips.


  • Packaging: Better than the nail polish, this packaging actually had the Star Wars logo printed on it. Overall it was bulky for a lipstick and not one I’d want to carry in my purse every day but great for an at home collection.
  • Colors: Lilac (#20) is a very very sheer and subtly shimmery. It’s more pigmented that you’d expect but fans of bright colored lipstick might apply this over a primer or concealer to enhance the color. Red (#30) is an okay red for beginners and everyday wear. Sheer and very shimmery it gives a pretty look without being too bold.
  • Formula: Both colors we were given to review are smooth applications and a bit sheer.


  • Packaging: I love this packaging. The Star Wars logo is prominent and the unique quotes from the films are a fun touch. Five of the mascaras are waterproof and five are not. We received one of each.
  • Colors: The mascara only comes in ‘very black’. The shade is not super black but works well for many occasions. It falls somewhere in the middle of black and ultra noir.
  • Formula: I found the formula pretty nice. Not overly thick and tacky but not too watery. The applicator is on the small and narrow side so if you wear fake lashes it might not work well for you, On my natural lashes I think it did an okay job of separating them but failed to add any volume or length. This might be a good mascara for lower lashes. I tried on the waterproof formula and found I was allergic to it as it made my eyes water. It also felt quite thick on my lashes after it dried.

Thank you for watching our review and thank you to Cover Girl for sending review samples to MakingStarWars.net. I can’t wait to hear what you guys think about this collection!

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