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Episode 96!’s Now, This Is Podcasting!

There’s less than 90 days left until Star Wars: The Force Awakens is in theaters and the “Now, This Is Podcasting!” crew is getting hyped up!

This episode is sponsored by Topps Star Wars Card Trader featuring all new classic-style The Force Awakens cards!

Rey Tops Card Trader

  • Are you ready to play Star Wars Battlefront? Amazon is now delivering pre-orders from its Web site on release day!
  • Another rumor that unaltered cuts of Star Wars are coming to Blu-ray.
  • Star Wars coming to Netflix in the U.S. or Latin America?
  • AMC disputes tweet stating the six current Star Wars films will come to its theaters.
  • When will new aspects of Season of the Force open at Disney parks?
  • More news from Skellig Michael filming location.
  • Movement at Greenham Common for Star Wars: Episode VIII?
  • A new actor to play R2-D2?
  • Star Wars Rebels season 2 episodes 3 and 4 were briefly available on demand in U.K.
  • Amazing Rogue One TMZ pics.
  • Pod People questions!

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