Funko Announces New York Comic-Con Exclusives

New York Comic-Con is just about 2 weeks away and Funko, the king of con exclusives, has announced its list of NYCC exclusives.

Funko has an absurdly awesome number of licenses, and thus its exclusives span across a number of cool pop-culture titles.  However, this isn’t (someone start that site) so we’ll focus on those from our favorite Galaxy Far, Far Away:

Hikari Greedo – Platinum


This item is limited to 600 units and will be in high demand.  The Hikari line is a huge success for Funko and the variants are always tough to come by.  I’m personally partial to the Pop! collectibles but this platinum Greedo looks like a fantastic high-end collectible.

Hikari Clear Glitter Boba Fett

Glitter Boba

Limited to 750 units, this is another cool high-end exclusive.  Fans really like the clear collectibles and how they display with the light.

Hikari Starfield Bossk


Limited to only 500 units, everyone’s favorite Trandoshan comes in a cool gold and purple colorway.

Pop! – Chrome TIE Fighter Pilot


The Pop! line is my favorite so I’m excited about this one.  But admittedly I’m a bit confused based on the image provided because it doesn’t look different from its general release TIE fighter pilot. I’m guessing the image must just be a placeholder for the actual item which might look something like this:chrome

UPDATE: According to Funko the exclusive TIE pilot will have a “shiny” finish as opposed to the normal matte paint.  Awesome!

Pop! T-shirt – Captain Phasma


I want this shirt. You want this shirt. Everyone wants this shirt. Somebody buy me this shirt!

Check Funko’s Web site for the full list of exclusives.

All that is exciting but possibly even more exciting is the under-the-radar tweet that @starwars sent yesterday regarding Funko’s highly anticipated Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty subscription service:

Haven’t signed up for Smuggler’s Bounty yet?  The deadline to sign up for the first box featuring two exclusive The Force Awakens Pop! figures is November 12th!  Who do you guys think the two exclusive characters will be?

Funko Smugglers


OK, Funko is gangster and had one more final exclusive reveal.  It’s not Star Wars-related so forgive me, but this might be one of the coolest things ever:


I don’t even watch Game of Thrones but my goodness this is awesome.  Can we get an Emperor Palpatine Death Star throne?



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