Insight Editions Figure Fantasy – Pop Culture Photo Book & Force Friday Giveaway!

Insight Editions has released an incredible new photo book called Figure Fantasy which features the amazing work of Daniel Picard.  The book is a collection of photos of all our favorite pop culture toys posed in humorous and unique settings.  We at MakingStarWars really like to have fun with our passion and this book is right up our alley.  I was blown away by not only the amazing photography, but the creativity of all the various settings.  But even more than that, the question I kept asking myself as I looked through the photos: which figures are those and where can I get them???

Check out the awesome trailer below:

You can order the book on Amazon here.

However, we want to share this great new book with our MakingStarWars family, so the good folks at Insight have provided us with three copies to give away for Force Friday!

To enter, leave a comment below with a caption for each of the three images below (if you only have a caption for one of the photos that’s fine too, but just make sure to indicate the number).  The MSW team will pick the best caption for EACH photo.  Please number your captions so we know which photo they correspond with.  Again, the best caption for each photo will win, but only one book will be awarded per person (so even if you have the best caption for all three images you will only win one book).  All entries must be submitted by midnight PST TONIGHT!

  1. FigureFantasy_Case_021815.indd
  2. FF - 3
  3. FF - 2

Thanks to Insight for the great giveaway and May the Force be with you all!



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