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Little actor Jimmy Vee is Artoo-Detoo in Star Wars: Episode VIII?

The Kerryman has shared this picture of actor Jimmy Vee going to work on Star Wars: Episode VIII at Skellig Michael:

Jimmy Vee

Jimmy Vee is 3’8″ and has been a lot of Doctor Who episodes. It was first thought Kenny Baker was at Skellig Michael and some even mentioned Warwick Davis; however, it appears to have been Jimmy Vee who is likely filling in for the role of the person inside Artoo-Detoo as the little droid has been spotted in the area according to the Kerryman’s sources. It would seem yesterday’s reports of Kenny Baker being in the area were erroneous and it is in fact Jimmy Vee operating Artoo at the location.

It would make sense that Vee would operate Artoo at Skellig as the location seems rather difficult for Kenny Baker to endure at age 81.

Thanks to Simon Brouder of the Kerryman for the information and the photo!

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