GamingInfinity 3.0

New Apple TV will allow you to play Star Wars Disney Infinity on it!

Today the new Apple TV was announced:

The slightly-larger-than-a-hockey puck-sized Apple TV set-top box connects to the TV and to the Internet. It will start at $149 for a 32-gigabit version, going up to $199 for a 64-gigabit version.

The added power will allow us to play Disney Infinity on the Apple TV setup. 

Disney Infinity 3.0 will get a wireless Bluetooth base just for Apple TV (note that the console version of that base is wired, sometimes leading to terrible accidents).

So if you haven’t jumped aboard with Disney Infinity and you’re an Apple fan, this might be your chance to do so, especially if you don’t own a console gaming system. will review the Apple TV version as soon as it becomes available!

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