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Quick Force Friday First Thoughts

It’s started all over the world.

September 4th, also known as “Force Friday,” is starting to reach across regions time zone by time zone. My experience at a Toys “R” Us store was quite interesting. After we waited in line for hours, the doors finally opened at 11:59pm. The few people in front of me literally ran to the new merchandise area. By the time I caught up, they had already, between the few of them, claimed all of the 6-inch Black Series figures. The one that I did get my hands on was a Finn figure. Here’s the back:

From what I could see, they all looked pretty awesome. As far as some new characters, they didn’t have much new information. Here’s the info that was on the back of the Constable Zuvio and Resistance Fighter figures:

It reads, “A vigilant law officer on a mostly lawless world, the tough and humorless Constable Zuvio keeps order in a frontier trading post.”


Resistance Fighter Package

This one says, “Soldiers of the Resistance are well trained and well equipped, but must rely on hit-and-run tactics when faced with the overwhelming might of the First Order.”


They had many of the products that you may have heard about recently, including the Kylo Ren and Captain Phasma mask/voice changer. They had the Bladebuilders kit, as well as Rey’s speeder, the 12-inch figures, and so much more. They did have some Lego characters set up, including Unkar’s Thug, Tasu Leech, and General Hux. Those who were at a Toys “R” Us received a poster of that Kylo Ren picture where he looks like he’s close to the ground.

I posted more pictures on my twitter feed, so be sure to check those out and any other pictures you can find on social media.

There will be plenty more information and details to come out in the coming hours and days, but this is just my initial summary. There will be loads to restock and shipments to get. I can’t wait to hear more.


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