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Review: Hasbro’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens Rey’s Speeder!

One of the things I wanted the most since all of this Star Wars: The Force Awakens stuff began was Rey’s Speeder in toy form.

Today, I got it:

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The size and weight of the speeder is nice. It doesn’t feel cheap; it feels like a quality toy. Strangely, the coloring of the speeder evokes my old A New Hope Kenner landspeeder toy that belonged to Luke Skywalker, something I really never felt until I had the toy in my hand. I might sound like an old man here, but when we were kids, we didn’t need the speeder to shoot rockets to be fun–the fact the hood opened up gave us play value. This thing has a big dumb rocket that pops out of the hood if you hit the button. I think kids would have been happy with panels that came off so Rey could work on the speeder and fix it up on that Jakku planet of hers.

The net is molded plastic and the junk inside is molded to the body. Having this net real with parts to put inside it would have been a better feature than a rocket mechanism.

Rey with her head wraps and goggles looks badass. I’m not a stickler for articulation like some, but the figure having the ability to bend at the knees would have been a nicer touch. However, she looks great on the speeder as is.

At the end of the day, it is a good toy and it displays well. I think it probably will make children and collectors that display happy. Sure, it could have been a little better but it isn’t bad and is one of the better products released in the Hasbro line for Force Friday. I suggest picking it up if you’re looking to buy a figure with a vehicle.



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