Review: Revell SnapTite Star Wars Poe’s X-Wing and First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter


Force Friday has come and gone and while certain toys and collectibles may be hard to find, I did run across some new SnapTite model sets from Revell at Target. When I was a kid I had multiple Star Wars model sets–the Star Destroyer, Millennium Falcon, X-wing, TIE fighter etc. Building and displaying these models was a great deal of fun.

In conjunction with Force Friday Revell released four new model sets: Star Wars Resistance X-Wing Fighter (85-1632), Star Wars Millennium Falcon (85-1633), Star Wars First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter (85-1634), and Star Wars Poe’s X-Wing Fighter (85-1635). All four of the sets are on sale at Target for $19.99 each at the time I write this.

Looking over the boxes I decided to purchase the Poe’s X-wing and TIE fighter sets. I may still buy the other two, but the scale of the Falcon gives me pause–it would feel odd to display the Falcon at the same size as the star fighters on my shelf. Of course I also think back to the older and larger Falcon model and I wish they had offered this ship in a larger scale than the fighters.

Revell Product Videos:

In terms of size all three hero ships are over 8″ long while the TIE is just under 6″ long. The Falcon and TIE sets both include lights and sounds, while the two X-wing sets include only sound. The sound is provided by a unit that runs on 2x LR44 batteries which are replaceable. It appears that each set has three distinct sound effects that cycle on repeat when you push a button. For the X-wing the button is BB-8–you push on his dome and the sound effects play. For the TIE fighter the button is on the bottom of the cockpit towards the back, which triggers the sound as well as a red light inside the cockpit.

These sets are very simple to build. They require no tools, glue, paint, or even sticker application. In fact if anything I would say they are a little too simple to put together; I would have enjoyed spending more time working on them. It took me about 10 minutes to build each set including the time to pause and take photos of each step as I did it. The instruction manuals are very clear and it seems virtually impossible to mess up on building these.

Poe’s X-Wing Gallery:

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Special Forces TIE Gallery:

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One note is that the front landing gear in the X-wing will not sit in place as shown in the instructions until the top of the ship is snapped into place. Both the X-wing and the TIE include cockpits that open, however neither ship has a small pilot piece to sit in the cockpit.

For the X-wing the rear landing gear are removable and the front landing gear rotates from down into hidden in the nose of the ship. The only real design flaw in my opinion is that the placement of the rear landing gear makes it a little wonky to try to display the ship with the S-foils in attack position.

For the TIE while the location of the light and sound button is a little odd, I love everything else about this set. First off, the wings–these hard solid plastic and heavy duty solar panels give you zero worry about warping, .

At $19.99 these are pretty good display pieces with the added bonus of some sound effects and lights on the TIE model. I hope we see some larger and more complex sets coming from Revell as we get more The Force Awakens merchandise released.


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