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Rumors: Star Wars Launch Bay to open in November with Star Tours? Star Wars Land construction begins in June?

Star Wars Launch Bay will indeed open on November 16th according to D23.com!

Opening at Disneyland park on November 16 will be:

  • Star Wars Launch Bay – This new area will offer opportunities to visit with favorite Star Wars characters, special exhibits, peeks at the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and much more.
  • Star Tours—The Adventures Continue: This popular attraction will feature a new scene inspired by the upcoming film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
  • Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple: Coming in December, a twist on the Jedi Training experience will introduce new characters and a new villain from the popular Disney XD series, Star Wars Rebels.
  • Hyperspace Mountain: For a limited time, guests will join an X-wing starfighter battle in this reimagining of the classic Space Mountain attraction.
  • Other limited-time experiences include:
    • An opportunity to revisit favorite scenes from classic Star Wars films at Tomorrowland Theater.
    • Special themed food and beverage, merchandise, and entertainment.

My Original Friday Update for tomorrow with rumors:

There’s a lot of rumors running wild about Star Wars at Disneyland and other Disney Parks. The Star Wars Launch Bay is supposedly ahead of schedule at Disneyland and previews will begin before the release.


Rumor is the official opening will be:

November 16th: Star Wars Launch Bay opens. If things go smoothly Star Tours 2 with new destinations will release on the same day along with the new Star Wars Rebels themed Jedi Training Academy and hopefully a preview of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain should be installed directly after Space Mountain’s Ghost Galaxy, the Halloween-themed version of the ride which ends shortly after October. The Jedi Training academy is going to feature an Inquisitor from Star Wars Rebels.

There is also supposedly a lot of back and forth about having a preview of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in the theaters in Tomorrowland. Sources have said it was actually given the okay to move forward at Disney Paris but the brakes are being put on that every other day as they go back and forth on making it happen. The compromise seems to be a reel of classic Star Wars footage that will be screened in the theater and then sometime closer to Star Wars: The Force Awakens a new reel featuring the new film will play.

Scott Trowbrige is the main designer responsible for the new Star Wars Land and he’s recently visited the Rogue One set for inspiration and incorporation into the park’s designs. A ride with content from Rogue One is hopefully going to “go vertical in June” when the real construction is supposed to begin on “Star Wars Land.”

Another interesting bit we’ve heard is that “Star Wars Land” will include Star Wars Rebels and perhaps even Star Wars: Battlefront content in addition to the eleven or so films they will have to pull from by the time it opens up. There will also be a lot of new Star Wars-themed food and drinks coming to Tomorrowland if that’s your bag.

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