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Setup for Star Wars: Episode VIII at Skellig Michael has begun!

The recently confirmed shooting for Star Wars: Episode VIII is underway as the setup for the shoot begins. The sequel to The Force Awakens will apparently pick up not too far from where the first of the new trilogy leaves off (it seems). We have heard the production has returned to Skellig Michael a little early because of the red tape around filming at the location makes it exceedingly complicated  to schedule and fit it into the main filming of second installment of this trilogy. Principal photography on Star Wars: Episode VIII is expected to begin in January.

Star Wars 7 News has heard:

Tents and tarps full of equipment were all over the island completely unguarded apart from one tent which lay on top of a fake sandy coloured rock built for the filming… My guess is Luke will be standing on that tomorrow. Talking to people who I can’t name as they were afraid of getting in trouble, we discovered that there were definitely droids already locked away on the island (presumably BB-8 or R2-D2 or both, but couldn’t confirm because they hadn’t seen any of the movies). Along with the droids were weapons, presumably a lightsaber or two. We also discovered that the set had been described as a “Jedi Monastery”, (although I don’t know the validity of that) and scenes were to have wind and rain machines, which we later discovered and took photos that you can see here.

The photos are mainly of crew equipment and supplies but it is exciting to know the implications that another Star Wars film is going to be made at the location:



How does this connect to Star Wars: The Force Awakens? 

At MakingStarWars we heard Star Wars: The Force Awakens ends with Chewbacca and Rey flying the Falcon to Luke Skywalker’s secret location. BB-8 is on the ship with Rey and Chewie. However, after the ship lands, only she walks out to find Luke and return what belongs to him. If we had to presume, based on the previous film, it would seem that Chewbacca and BB-8 could be there at Luke’s location unless Chewie was just dropping her off (but sources made it seem as if the Falcon was now Rey’s ship).

The whole question that remains is if the filming for this location is from the start of the film, picking up exactly where The Force Awakens leaves off or if it fits into the new film in a more complicated and unpredictable fashion.


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