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TMZ’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Photos!


TMZ has released this gallery of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story photos:

These photos will require further studying but it appears we’re seeing a crashed-and-burned X-wing-type ship with a different cockpit. We can see a lot of the main cast in their costumes as well. There seems to be dead stormtroopers and perhaps a dead rebel too. It is hard to tell but those may be rebels breaking into a research facility of some kind on the beach there. The setup reminds me of Han and Leia trying to hack into the bunker in Return of the Jedi. It seems this way with the temple base being set up it would make us think the bunker there is Imperial in nature (especially with dead stormtroopers around).

These photos are not unlike the photos we have seen taking place on the beach, although they are by far the best of them.

Thanks to The Star Wars Post for the heads up!

Update: (note not S-wing he corrected himself and it is X-wing)

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