Topps Star Wars Card Trader Round-Up #6: On The Road to Force Friday!

Welcome to’s weekly Star Wars Card Trader Round-Up #6 for the week of August 24th through August 30th.


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And don’t forget, Topps will be releasing something special for Force Friday!


NEWS 8/30/2015

Man…why did we open our big mouths last week? We went from quiet to LOUD pretty quick. Lots of new sets dropped, and there was absolutely something for every taste of Star Wars fan. The one new set that was introduced though that got the biggest traction was Women of Star Wars!

Women of Star Wars

“Our newest set in Card Trader celebrates the female side of the saga, with some of the most legendary warriors in the galaxy. These are the Women of Star Wars…There will be 7 cards to chase in Women of Star Wars, collect all 7 of the same Parallel for your Leia Organa! Award Card!”

It’s an awesome set. It started with a wonderful picture of Padme from Attack of the Clones. What makes this set so cool is that if you are able to pull either a Green or a White within the first two hours or before the card sells out, you are automatically awarded a Pink or a Gold variant of the same card respectively. Its an awesome idea from the team at Topps Digital and a way to reward fans for collecting, which leads us to our next new set…

Rebels: Defined

“The characters of Star Wars Rebels are varied in their ideals and goals, even within the crew of the Ghost. Define these characters with the newest set in Card Trader, Rebels: Defined…The set will consist of 7 cards, with an 8th card given out as an award card.”

This is a nice looking set but what makes it stand out is that the 2500 count Red Parallel of this card costs ZERO credits. For two hours, anyone with Master Access can get this card. If there are any left over after two hours then it becomes available to anyone to get until it sells out. However, I just saw 1000 of these disappear in less than a minute when it became available for all players, so you almost have to set an alarm when it becomes available.

Besides that, there was an announcement of Classic Art Series 2, three drops, one variant per, as well as new sets called Modernography and Pictograms. So lots of new stuff for people to collect. The only drawback is there are still a lot of things left dangling. When is the award for the Galactic Moments going to be released? Naboo and Lightside are done…so what is the situation with the Award Cards (EDIT: It looks like the awards are coming very soon for various sets). Where do we stand with Space Paintings, TK, Icons and Storyboards.? While no answers to these questions are annoying, you can feel Topps is starting to turn a corner with this app. They have started to tell us exactly how long any given insert set will be so you can decide up front if it is something you wish to chase. That’s a big deal and I hope they continue to do this. ToppsSteve has promised that these outstanding issues will be resolved soon so I guess we all need to be just a little more patient.



Mark (GRIDDLEMARKS on #SWCT and @Griddlemarks on Twitter)

I spent my week collecting older sets like Dagobah and Bespin. I love the new Women of Star Wars set but the set HATES me. I spent a combined total of 400K credits over two inserts releases just to pull absolutely nothing. Luckily I am working with Andrew, Ron and Amanda Ward on this set so each of us has chosen a color. Only two of us in the group has to pull a card, so it works out when some of us get unlucky. However, my luck turned around on Sunday. I collect Topps Choice so I went for it. I pulled a Widevision. Well, I needed it anyway so I kept going. Another Widevision. And another. Finally…I pulled a Topps Choice Zeb. Three Widevision and one Topps Choice for 120k. In the end, it all evened out. Unlucky sometimes and extremely lucky the other.

Andrew (DARTHDRU80 on #SWCT and @LaKingsDru on Twitter)

My luck has been pretty good of late.  But last week was a real struggle it seemed.  I saved up as usual for Vintage Thursday and pulled 2 Bounty and then the Vintage R2.  Good start to the marathon chase week for me.  The Connections card last week is probably my favorite, so when I blew through over 200k trying to get it and not, I was pretty bummed out.  Later in the day after using good ol Tapjoy to get 1 more pack, I finally landed it. Onto Saturday where the WV was the scene of Anakin getting ready to slaughter the younglings.  Had no problems pulling this.  I was extremely hyped for the Women Of Star Wars.  The set and cards look great, however I am kind of over the Clone Wars characters as well as the Rebels.  Set still has a few cards to go, so I hope they mix in some OT as well as PT characters.  

Ron (CPTHRIO on #SWCT and @CPThrio on Twitter)

I spent all week chasing only one set – the aforementioned Women of Star Wars.  It’s a fantastic set.  I like all the characters they’ve chosen to feature so far, they aren’t released too slowly or too frequently, and the bonus card is a fun extra.  Princess Leia is one of my favorite characters so I’m greatly looking forward to her card in this set.  I’m hoping they go with my favorite version – Boushh Leia and not “Slave” Leia.  I did look to get the free Rebels: Defined cards.  They’re free and you just have to be on the app at the designated time so I find that to be a low investment.  I am a bit frustrated that the left the last Rebels set unfinished and started this one.  But again, free is free.  Beyond that, I’ve been hoarding my credits for Force Friday.  I have no idea what’s coming…but it’s going to be big and it’s likely going to be The Force Awakens related.  There is little chance those cards will be available via trade (at least not without a heavy cost) so I think early on pulling them with luck is your best bet.


TIPS – Double Dipping

Todays tip, refers to the term Double Dip.  This reflects mostly on the marathon chase sets, but we have seen it with other sets (storyboards, comics, por).  Sometimes hitting the Cantina right after a marathon goes live in the Fett packs can be a costly purchase OR a profitable one if you chase multiple marathons and have a good game plan. So you chase the Wide Vision set.  Saturday rolls around and it’s a pretty high print count for that card, you can either chase it right away or wait a few hours to see how the card is selling. If its a slow sell, your best bet would be to wait unitl the next day (Sunday) when TC drops into the Fett packs. If you chase this as well, you have two marathon inserts active in packs.  I chase the marathons and have in fact pulled a WV and TC in a pack back to back. This is where the term double dip comes from. If you don’t chase WV but do chase TC and you happen to pull a WV, well you just landed yourself some very nice trade bait for next weeks chase.  There is always a demand for marathons, and having a dupe or a card that you may not chase as trade bait can save you 100k+ in credits because you can hit the feed or transmissions and trade for your card right away.


Be careful what you wish for as a slow last week turned into a wealth of new sets. And its only going to get crazier when the Episode VII cards are released. While no announcement has been made, it’s been strongly hinted at some sort of Force Awakens cards this Friday. If you haven’t squirreled away some credits I suggest you start now.

Also, if you haven’t read it already, our buddy Germaine Lussier wrote this excellent feature on i09 this week about his experience with the Star Wars Card Trader app.  Germaine clearly shares our passion (sickness?) for this app and provided some really good behind-the-scenes information on how the cards are created.  Be sure to follow him on Twitter and read his article.  Let him know we sent ya!


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