Topps Star Wars Card Trader Round-up #7: The App Awakens!

Welcome to’s weekly Star Wars Card Trader Round-Up #7 for the week of August 31st through September 6th.

NEWS – 9/6/2015

Force Awakens Cards! Force Awakens Cards! Force Awakens Cards! A HUGE app update! Smuggler’s Den! Awards Galore! The New Order of Card Trader!

Well…it happened. It had been alluded to, people were warned to hoard credits and that something big was coming. I don’t think people expected it to be this big. It was, arguably, not only the greatest set ever released in Star Wars Card Trader, but it upset the natural order of marathons and trades and made some regular sets almost impossible to collect. I’m talking about…


Star Wars: The Force Awakens Premiere

“There’s been an awakening…

To bring in Force Friday, we’re proud to launch our newest insert set, Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Premiere.

See the new characters from a galaxy far, far away in all of their glory, as iconic as any movie poster you’ve ever seen. Meet Finn, Rey, and more, with these instantly iconic cards.

There are 8 cards in the set and they are all available now in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Premiere Pack. The odds of pulling one of the inserts are 1:25 per pack.”

The cards dropped at exactly 12:01AM on Force Friday. 8 Beautiful cards with wonderfully drawn images of some of the new and returning faces to Star Wars. With this came an app update and a new addition to the app, The Smugglers Den, which caused many to be locked out because it required you verify your credentials and many people had forgotten their password. But that’s beside the point as this set had everyone blowing their credits on one single set and the ripple effects are still being felt. People ran out of credits for other sets they were following. Less Marathons were being pulled. Inserts that sold out within a day like Women of Star Wars were still sitting in packs days later and timed Inserts like Classic Art Series Two produced some of the lowest inserts of the set, effectively causing people to drop the set as it would be too difficult to get that Leia Boussh. It also changed the dynamics of trading as people wanted these cards so bad that they were willing to offer up Vintages and Widescreen cards that were normally off the table for cards that could be pulled in a current pack. But it also introduced one of those most dastardly inventions in card trader, The Smuggler’s Den.

If you had the full set by early Saturday Morning, you could choose to trade that set to The Smuggler’s Den for a Villains Reward Card. But…those cards you traded in were taken from you and effectively “shredded.” Supposedly more offers like this will be coming down the road, potentially enticing you to trade in an old set you love for a new insert. What can be done with The Smuggler’s Den hasn’t been fully revealed yet but I expect to see things from it soon.


Star Wars: Widescreen

These cards are Widevision in style but are different as the focus on art from the Force Awakens. They are a nice set, and while not as popular as the Premiere Set, it did introduce a variant that is changing the trading rules. The 25 count Platinum, if pulled, can pretty much get you any card in the game, even a Vintage Han or a Widevision Obi-Wan. It’s only available in Master Packs so it may be a wise choice to buy some credits and go for it. But it usually sells out in a few minutes so watch the transmission on info for when the pack drops.

Besides that, a ton of sets were given awards and everything was wrapped up in a nice little bow. There are a few awards still outstanding but thanks to communication from Topps, we do know they are coming.

There were a few other sets as well, but one that we would like to mention is Locations: Mos Eisley. So far, this set has shown how locations should be done. There are quite a few cards so far that feature the first appearance of Star Wars characters in Star Wars Card Trader. This is a nice way to put out some cards of fan favorites and especially highlight them in the location they appeared. Hats off to Topps for this. Let’s hope we can get Locations: Death Star!



Mark (GRIDDLEMARKS on #SWCT and @Griddlemarks on Twitter)

It was quiet until Force Friday and then my entire weekend was focused on those Premiere Cards. It took a lot of credits to pull six, then trade some of my dupes, and then trade for two more I was missing. I completed my collection on Saturday Morning, right before I was given the option to shred them for the Villains Reward Card. I struggled with that, but in the end, I decided not to and am glad I did. I didn’t have much left I wanted to part with to try and trade for another set and I was saving the last of my credits to get Topps Choice and Widevision on Sunday. Now, I’m tapped out and rebuilding. I hope nothing amazing drops for a little while.

Andrew (DARTHDRU80 on #SWCT and @LaKingsDru on Twitter)

I had a gameplan for the week. I saved, did Tapjoy (got banned on Thursday for doing too many offers) and even dropped ten bucks on 50k worth of credits.  I carefully planned out how I was going to do the marathons.  Vintage Thursday rolls around and I got REALLY lucky and pulled 3 of the bounty hunters vintage.  My thing is if I pull one early, I go for some dupes.  They make excellent trade bait.  My credits were sitting pretty.  And once 9:01 pm pacific time hit, my game plan blew up like Alderaan. I loved the TFA Premiere card set.  But hated it at the same time.  I dropped 250k+ on those and only managed to pull…..3.  I was BUMMED out.  I was reading everyone’s updates on how they were pulling multiples and even some had completed the set within the first hour of it dropping.  So, after blowing all my credits, and not wanting to do any more damage, I decided not to chase the set.  The cards on the fan feed were going for outrageous prices. So I took a shot and posted all 3 on the feed.   5 minutes later and I had never seen so many “pending” trades.  One trade caught my eye immediately, I was offered an Endor Wide Vision.  I couldn’t hit accept fast enough.  Chasing that set was worth it.  Now all I have left is that elusive white whale “Help Me Obi-wan”  Doubt I can get it, but you never know.  To finish up the marathon week, I was able to pull the “A New Mission” Wide Vision.  This card is my favorite from the set so far.  I took a stab at the new TFA wide screens, and managed to snag one in a pack pull and other in a trade.  However this set takes all my credits away from the marathon chases.  I decided to not chase this and just focus on the marathons.  Hope you all had a great Force Friday and got what you wanted.  MTFBWY

Ron (CPTHRIO on #SWCT and @CPThrio on Twitter)

All week I saved.  I knew something amazing would be coming for Force Friday and I hoarded credits.  But it wasn’t easy.  There were several Women of Star Wars cards that dropped and because we chase them as a group, I sunk credits there.  Then the Bounty Hunters Vintage dropped and the card was so cool I took a stab (and failed).  Again, wasted credits.  A few hours before Force Friday officially hit I was feeling good.  I had over 350k credits and felt that would be good enough to give me a good shot at whatever was coming.  I was wrong.  So very wrong.  I sunk every single credit I had into The Force Awakens Premiere set and pulled ONE card – Poe Dameron.  It was absurd.  I’m still upset about it.  As Dru mentioned above, some were able to complete their sets within an hour.  Meanwhile I not only sunk everything I had, but also the 50k daily bonus I had coming on Saturday.  One card.  The set is beautiful but what a time to hit bad luck.  That’s the game though!



This week’s tip isn’t anything groundbreaking, but it can help you in a way.  If you’re not too sure on what cards you need to complete a set and don’t want to scroll through all of them just to check the back to see if there’s a check mark in the lower right corner, this can help you. From the main screen, go to cards.  Once there, press the drop down menu that displays “My Cards” or “All Cards”.  You want to select “All cards”. Once you have selected this, very right top of the screen, press the filter button(next to the magnifying glass). You should see the filter screen.  Check “Cards I Need”, then press “Sort” select “Parallel.”  This will take you back to the “All Cards” screen. Once there go back up to the magnifying glass, press that and type whatever set, color, parallel, character, ship, etc. that you want to find.  It will show you what cards you need for that set.  Easier way to narrow things down than to go digging around the app and your collection.   


The rules have changed. The app has changed. What was once out of reach can now be had from a lucky pull of a Force Awakens card. What hasn’t changed is the idea that you should collect what you like. We’ve said it before and I’m sure we’ll say it again. You can’t collect everything so choose what you collect, not on what is valuable, but on what you love. You’ll get more enjoyment out of the app if you do.



Ron is an editor and content contributor to He is one with the Force....the Force is with him.

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