Topps Star Wars Card Trader Round Up: Spirit of ’77

Welcome to’s weekly Star Wars Card Trader Round-Up #9 for the week of September 14th through September 20th.


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NEWS 9/20/2015

Awards Galore Coming Again! And Topps Classic The Force Awakens Drops!

It was a nice steady week with two news sets, Empire Strikes Back Illustrated and Topps Classic Force Awakens, that ended with an odd weekend. Instead of a Widevision on Saturday, it was a Galactic Moments in its place so it could catch up. Galactic Moments are notorious for variant cards in it’s Marathon Run so I guess they figured they’d delay one of the most popular Marathons and put an extra in its place. Needless to say, fans were not amused. And on Sunday, the marathon called Topps Choice, which, according to Topps, focuses on “underappreciated” characters, released a card focusing on Han Solo. Ummmm…what? I know some fans hate the focus on animated characters but at least those didn’t have their own cards. Or MANY of their own cards. I can’t even say Topps dropped the ball on this one cause the picture they selected of Han kinda says they know he’s not Topps Choice material but “hey, it’s me!”

Topps Classic: The Force Awakens

“The newest Star Wars: The Force Awakens insert set is here: Topps Classic! The set uses original Topps borders with character movie shots from The Force Awakens. The set consists of 9 cards along with a 10th award card for completing the set.”

These type of cards are awesome. Nice “publicity” style photos of characters from the film with the classic borders of the 77 set. The odds are pretty good too. 1:7 odds for the Blue Variant makes it not too hard to collect. What is difficult is that these are selling out in large part to people hoarding them. Since it’s an easy pull, and the demand is high, people are pulling as many of these as they can and demanding an arm and a leg for them. Make sure you keep an eye out for when these drop. Best idea is to follow @swct_info on Twitter and have her tweets pushed to you as notifications. She is on the ball and usually will send out a tweet no later than 2 minutes after a set has dropped. It has helped us keep informed many a time.


Empire Strikes Back Illustrated – Series 1

“Our newest set to come to Card Trader retells the story of The Empire Strikes Back NPR radio drama through amazing new illustrations. Visit Dagobah, escape the Wampa, and more with Topps Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back Illustrated!”

This is a huge 25 card set with lots of variants but the most important thing is this set has a guaranteed insert in every pack, and it’s not too hard to trade any dupes that you get. It seems to be pretty popular but won’t be worth anything as far as trades go in the future. So make sure, as always, collect what you like. If these wonderful illustrations appeal to you, then this is a nice set. I imagine it will be at least 100 cards or so before it’s done so make sure if you commit, you’re in it for the long haul.

Awards Wrapping Up

And finally, looks like all the outstanding awards are finally going to be distributed on Tuesday. The cards have started to appear in “All Cards” and announcements have been made. Hopefully, this is the last time that we get a backlog of awards that need to be distributed. The ideal would be to tell everyone in advance how long a set well be and on the transmission of the last card of the set, tell everyone when the set needs to be completed by with the date the Award Card will be awarded. Seems simple enough and will go a long way to making everyone happy.



Mark (GRIDDLEMARKS on #SWCT and @Griddlemarks on Twitter)

I got a Golden Ticket! I’ve got a golden chance to make my way, and with a Golden Ticket, it’s a golden day!!! My week was amazing. Andrew and I have been chasing the Golden Ticket that was Widescreen First Order Platinum. If you pulled one of these cards, it was pretty much your chance to get some of the greater and more sought after cards in the game. He wanted Obi-Wan Widevision or Vintage Han. I wanted…well, I dunno. Maybe a set of Nightbrothers with award? I didn’t have enough Widevision or Vintage Cards to really make it worthwhile for me to chase either of what Andrew wanted but maybe I could help him out since all he needed was a Widevision Obi-Wan to complete his Marathon. We tried and tried and tried, the best either one of us pulled was a Gold. I wasn’t chasing these, just trying to help myself or Andrew out and it was fun. The last card in the set drops and we go for it. Last time to pull a Platinum. I have 40k to spend. I’m cycling through the cards like a madman since these sell out in minutes. Bam! A Gold. Okay. Cool. Two packs later and I hit it. The Platinum! The adrenaline starts pumping and wow was it amazing. 30K spent and a Gold and a Platinum! Before I knew it, I had offers. Nothing fantastic until somebody offers me Vintage Han for it. Ooooooohhh. That was tough. But I don’t really care about Vintage Han and so I see what I can get from the feed. I get an offer for a Nightbrothers Set. Cool. That’s what I wanted but it seems like I would be giving the Platinum away for that. Finally, I get an offer for the Obi-Wan Widevision. I don’t need it but my buddy Andrew does so, why not. I accepted it. And before you think I’m completely crazy, I at least got his complete Widescreen set for it. I’m good with that. We help each other the most we can in this game so it felt good to do. I was able to help Ron complete his set too by trading the Gold for which he gave me two awesome Mechanical Evolutions cards I’ve always wanted. So…yeah. I got the Golden Ticket and in the end, I learned a valuable lesson about friendship. Or something. Who knows? Lol.

Andrew (DARTHDRU80 on #SWCT and @LaKingsDru on Twitter)

My week was a roller coaster.  Couldn’t pull the TC or GM to start the week.  I was extremely frustrated with the Qui Gon set.  The transmission stated that if you pull a card, then the next card released in the series would be at discounted odds.  However when you go to your market, there are two packs sitting there with no description on which as the discount odds.   I made the decision like Mark and just quit the set. As Mark stated, we both tried for the golden ticket.  I was stoked for him when he pulled it.  Couldn’t believe when he told me he was gonna trade me the WV Obi wan.  My white whale.  That’s the only one I needed to be completely caught up.  Don’t think I can ever repay him. Side note, that’s what we do in this game.  We all try and find a common set that we all like and chase it.  IF you pull dupes, you help each other out or trade for one another.  I managed to pull the awesome Vintage card with ease.  My luck has been really good with that set pulling them.  I managed to pull a dupe for Mark since he really dug this card.  I was pretty disappointed to not get a Wide vision drop on Saturday, however not gonna complain on a day where I can save credits.  It was a great week, pulled the Vintage, got the new Monochorme TFA, and finally got “help me Obi wan” WV thanks to Mark.  


Ron (CPTHRIO on #SWCT and @CPThrio on Twitter)

My week was up and down as well.  It started slow as I really wasn’t chasing anything.  I was wasting my meager credits on the First Order Widescreen and having mixed results.  I had 2 of the 6 released and figured there was no chance at the set so I started shopping them with little luck.  I didn’t even know what I wanted back which didn’t help.  However, something weird happened with #7 – it didn’t sell out that quickly.  By the time I got home and had time to refuel credits through Tapjoy, there were still plenty left which is unusual for this set.  I then got extremely lucky and managed to pull TWO #7s, which then allowed me to flip for another that I didn’t have.  That brought me to 4 of the 6 sets.  Mark helped me grab one and I traded some older inserts for the other and I was done.  My First Order 1:50 set was complete!  It was a minor miracle and a much needed encouragement from the TFA Premiere debacle a few weeks before.


There are a lot of people out there who call the Fan Feed…The Greed Feed and it is. It’s tough to find decent trades and even harder to find traders who won’t rip you off. It can be done however. Like our tips said last week, find yourself a friend in this game. They might help you out when you can’t pull the cards you need. Just make sure that you help them out as well. Our inserts were sparse when we met each other and now we have collections we can be proud of. Give and take is the best way to get forward in this game.

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