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Was a central character missing from the Skellig Michael Star Wars: Episode VIII shoot?


Update: Ridley’s stunt double has been confirmed as being in the area. Check out the location in the top right:

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The Movie Bit ran an update today. The gist is that they never saw any evidence for Daisy Ridley on set at location on Skellig Michael. It doesn’t mean she wasn’t on location but there’s no evidence she was yet:

We ran a piece which said that she was in Kerry, along with her stunt double. However, as the week went on, not one photograph showed her in Kerry and not one report surfaced of her on location.

If Ridley wasn’t on set, that could be interesting. Was her double? Maybe she didn’t need to be there because her actual input into the scenes was limited? (It could be of note that Ridley’s Instagram does not have any evidence of her being on set, and she has posted a video from London today) It is hard to not look at Star Wars: The Force Awakens and assume this is the next day. But there are little inclusions to the sequence that are making me question if that is the case. There was no indication that Artoo-Detoo was on location during filming for Star Wars: The Force Awakens and other information never hinted at anyone making it to Luke’s location except for BB-8 and Chewbacca who remain on the ship while Rey gets out to find Luke. But for Star Wars: Episode VIII it looks like Artoo has been reunited with his master already. That makes me think some time has passed and events have transpired since The Force Awakens at this point.

All of that together makes it seem like perhaps the sequence they are shooting takes place somewhat into the movie and not the day after The Force Awakens. However, it wouldn’t be hard to magically add Artoo into the sequence at the end of The Force Awakens once Rian Johnson made his choices for the script if he should have altered it. That can’t be ruled out.

There were a lot of rumors that Ridley’s double made it to the location. But at the same time, we’ve seen no evidence. Because we’ve seen no evidence doesn’t mean Ridley and her double weren’t there. But it doesn’t mean they were either.

Hopefully we learn something soon about what happened out at Skellig Michael!

Here is your moment of Zen:

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