A review of the Funko Pop Vinyl Kylo Ren by Lorne A.

Hello to all the Funko Pop collectors who are also Star Wars buffs! I am so excited to review the latest addition to the Funko Star Wars galaxy. With all the major buzz about the newest Star Wars movie coming out, it felt appropriate to review the talk of the town right now from the new movie, Kylo Ren. So I went out and picked up the Pop Vinyl version of him to bring this review to you!


Funko really hit a home run with this one. My main concern whenever I get a Funko is always what lies within the details. Did they get the essence of the character to translate on to a 4” model of the real thing? Let me tell you, for this, they did, although some details may be hard to see unless you’ve already got him, since he is pretty much all black, head to toe. The main details on this dark character I wanted to make sure came out nicely were his mask and lightsaber. So let’s break those down….

Let’s start with the mask: a black mask with silver highlights. Funko did a great job of matching the silver grooves on the mask, as compared to the actual thing, although I feel they may have made the eye holes a bit too small for the actual mask itself. You can definitely see the difference even between the Pop itself and the picture of the Pop on the box. However, I do believe Funko still nailed the details on the mask. If you look closely, they have indentations on the face plate (probably battle scars). When I looked at close ups of the actual Kylo Ren mask, it had those scars on it. So Funko really took into account even subtle details such as that. (FUN FACT: If you aren’t familiar with this character, you will be after reading this review. The character himself, Kylo Ren, was born not too long after the Battle of Endor and grew up following the dark side of the Force. He even modeled his entire look after Darth Vader.)

Now let’s look at the iconic piece that captured everyone’s attention when the first trailer premiered: his lightsaber. Very different from other lightsabers, right? The cross-like appearance is what stands out most. I would’ve been surprised if Funko missed that big detail. They used red acrylic color to give the saber the correct coloring and if you look close enough, the saber itself has a wavy-like texture to it to give the saber more of a realistic look. (FUN FACT: Kylo Ren built this lightsaber himself. The design, of course being different. The two blades off the side act as a crossguard. My guess is that it’s there so that no one loses any more hands!) Another fact about his saber that makes it different is it has a different energy; therefore it doesn’t take a solid shape like other sabers and it gives off sparks.

I would say Funko nailed the details on their Pop vinyl Kylo Ren. I hope you enjoyed the review on the toy itself, but also found it informative if you weren’t as familiar with the character. You can order the toy on Amazon. Don’t forget, Star Wars: The Force Awakens comes to theaters December 18th! Don’t miss it!

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