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Check out Steele Wars with special guest Leonard Maltin!

My buddy Steele has a great spoiler-free podcast. I highly recommend it. This week Steele has a special guest: Leonard Maltin. The interview is pretty cool. They discuss:

  • Was Star Wars ripped off at the Oscars?
  •  His favourite things about Skywalker Ranch.
  •  Behind-the-scenes stories of his iconic interviews with George Lucas for the Star Wars VHS box set.
  • As a film historian how does he feel about the special editioning of Star Wars? Do the fans or the creator “own” Star Wars?
  • Leonard tries to answer the question what is George Lucas like and why?
  • Gives his thoughts on the original trilogy, the prequels and on the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens while speculating on who Max Von Sydow might be playing.
  • And that time he watched George Lucas write a $170 million dollar check.

I can’t wait until the movie comes out and me and Steele can chat about the last year!

Check out his show here. Or if you’re not patient just get the mp3 here.

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