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Disney Infinity’s John Vignocchi read the Star Wars: The Force Awakens script & had the actors to reprise their roles!

John Vignocchi sat down with Giant Bomb and they discussed the script for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Vignocchi talks about the burden of having had read the script about a year ago. He talks positively about the script and says fans are going to be really happy about it. But he also confesses he isn’t an expert at scripts and their quality. He’s not even allowed to talk about it with the people on the team that where in the room when he read it.

I shouted ‘hell yeah’ three or four times. I read it so fast. I think it’s spectacular.

Vignocchi then says that they got the voice actors from The Force Awakens to reprise their roles for the Disney Infinity Star Wars: The Force Awakens play set. They went to a secret location and met with the actors and John Boyega is a big Disney Infinity fan and asked him questions about 2.0 transferring over to 3.0. It was the first time a famous actor told the team they loved the platform and it was very flattering for the team.

Listen to the show here.

Thanks to Dave for the heads-up!

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