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We’ve teamed with Entertainment Earth for a giveaway of a limited edition 15″ tall Luke Skywalker X-Wing pilot statue by Attakus.  This statue is valued at over $400, and is currently sold out on the Web site! The giveaway will be going on for one week.  Check back to this post for details! Check out all the great Star Wars stuff by Attakus and others at!
On this episode:
  • New Journey to The Force Awakens book information
  • New droid images found on cereal boxes including PZ-4CO
  • The music of The Force Awakens trailer
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens will stream on Netflix in Canada
  • Star Wars comics from Marvel
  • Pod People
  • TFA spoilers!

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Remember! If you are purchasing tickets for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, please use our link to Fandango on the front page of the site or at A portion of your purchase will go toward Lucasfilm charity Force for Change!

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