Fifth and final Star Wars design from Irregular Choice! Collection launches in 3 days!!

Irregular Choice has released its final teaser for their upcoming Star Wars collection of heels and flats. The whole collection will be available October 30th.

This final design is a gorgeous pair of ankle booties with Stormtrooper and Darth Vader heels! Being that Irregular Choice is a UK-based brand and I’m located in the U.S., I haven’t had the opportunity yet to try their shoes, but if there’s one thing that can be said from just looking at them, it’s that they’re full of detail. Irregular Choice puts so many unique touches in to each and every design, whatever design you go with is guaranteed to be nothing like anything you’ve ever owned before. Reviews online also speak to the amazing quality of these shoes and it’s clear from these teases that Irregular Choice has put a great deal of thought in to this Star Wars line.

Here are some images once again to wet your whistle until October 30th when you can purchase your own pair! Are you going to pick up any of these new Star Wars shoes to wear to a Star Wars: The Force Awakens screening? Leave a comment below with your favorite design! Personally I want to own them all!

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