George Lucas And Others Ask J.J. Abrams Questions About Star Wars: The Force Awakens And More!

Today Vanity Fair released this amazing video of celebrities, executives and other notable people asking J.J. Abrams questions about Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Lost and… anything else.

Abrams is literally just standing there by himself, holding an iPad where people like Jared Leto, Katie Couric, and even George Lucas, ask previously recorded questions about all kinds of random subjects.  At first I thought this would be really cheesy.  However, the execution was excellent in part because Abrams is really likable.  Say what you want about his “mystery box,” but he generally comes off as a humorous, self-deprecating individual who doesn’t take things too seriously.  His genuinely surprised and awed reactions to some of the people asking him questions was endearing.

What I thought was particularly interesting was that as many, if not more, people asked about Lost as they did about Star Wars.  It really goes to show the impact that the television show had on popular culture that endures today.

Of course for our purposes, the highlight was the Maker himself, George Lucas, asking Abrams, “What happened to Darth Vader’s grandchildren?”

For his answer as well as all the others, check out the video:



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