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Lets resist the hate and kick off #SeeingStarWarsVII on Twitter!


There’s a really big bummer going down right now. There’s a hashtag that is designed to call for a boycott of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The boycott is based on hated and bigotry because Finn is black and one of the main heroes or because Rey is a woman and the main hero. In other words,  it is the opposite of the values Star Wars creators and fans hold dear to their hearts.

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I think we should form a peaceful resistance and overtake the trending hashtag which is number one on Twitter right now. For starters, don’t use that hashtag and feed into it. Second of all, when you buy your tickets tonight, lets hashtag everything #SeeingStarWarsVII and eradicate the hate with something fun and positive.

I bet there’s a lot more of us seeing Star Wars that accept everyone than those claiming they won’t and are misguided on this.


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