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New Star Tours II Jakku to play exclusively at Disney parks for limited time?

As we know, Jakku is being added to Star Tours. There have been rumors that when the Jakku edition drops at Disneyland it will be the only destination for the ride for a limited time. After a while it become randomized, but during the Season of the Force it will be the only destination available. That’s the rumor. Now today the Disneyland Gazette is reporting:

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 4.39.54 PM

It seems very likely this will be the method utilized for Disneyland and Disney World. At least I hope so! I’m looking forward to riding it many times. Hopefully the app I use to obsessively log my destinations (like a crazy person) adds Jakku to the mix!

In other news, we hear that the Launch Bay sign has been added at Disneyland! The Season of the Force is near!

Thanks to Tony Snyder for the heads up!

UPDATE: Here’s some more information we have about Star Tours in Tokyo:


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