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Shot Comparison – Star Wars: The Force Awakens and the many voices of BB-8


So what’s this Carl guy on about you’re probably wondering? Sense! Carl has working ears! BB-8 has had an audio change in newest clip featuring a shot we saw in the first teaser. Here is a comparison we quickly put together for you:

My guess is that the first video depicted what BB-8 was going to sound like, roughly. The second version sounds like what the final BB-8 probably sounds like in the sequence from which the shot is pulled. Now, this comparison is slightly unfair as the first clip has some music adding some drama to the scene whereas the second is silent and you just hear BB-8’s beautiful singing voice a cappella.

At the end of the day, we could find that neither of thess sounds are what we’ll actually see or hear on screen in December. But hey, the audio is different. To me the second clip sounds more in line with the Sphero BB-8 and more “final” in may ways. The first one sounds a little closer to R2-D2 to me and the second one sounds different than Artoo.




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