Star Wars Battlefront Drop Zone on Sullust, Hero gameplay, and no micro-transactions!

I’m really excited for Star Wars: Battlefront. Here’s a mini-roundup of sorts.

It was confirmed that Star Wars: Battlefront will not rely on micro-transcactions:

Niklas Fegraeus, Battlefront design director at DICE, revealed in a recent interview with GameSpot that microtransactions were “not part of the core design of how it works. This is a progression system based on your gameplay performance.”

I thought these videos was pretty cool. This is the “Drop Zone on Sullust” map from Star Wars: Battlefront:

This is the hero gameplay featuring Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight on Hoth). Bring a sweater, Luke!

You can pre-order your Darth Vader PS4 and play with the crew when the game releases:

Later on in the week, we will be playing the beta on Xbox One. We will be playing on all platforms but the Darth Vader PS4 has me the most excited to play on the PS4 right now.

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